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Metering Systems.
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Metering Systems
     We have a variety of metering systems to fit your metering and billing needs.

Remote counters display the totalized amount of gas, water, or kWH consumed by a meter.  They  are battery operated and connect to the meter with a pair of low voltage wires (telephone, thermostat, CAT5, etc.) . They are often handy when the meter is either in the tenant’s space or in an inaccessible location.

The AcquiLite accepts up to 4 meter inputs.  It has a 2x16 display that, in addition to displaying the totalized amount of gas, water or kWH consumed, it can also be programmed to display the min, max, and instantaneous rate for any input.  Connect it to a phone line or ethernet network and you may access your meter data remotely.  Also logs your meter data up to 37 days at a 15 minute programmable logging interval.

The AcquiSuite does everything the AcquiLite does but has 8 inputs that can not only be for a meter but also for current, voltage, resistance, and thermocouple inputs.  It has the ability of connecting hundreds of more meters via additional digital modules and their wireless ModHopper modules.

Tapwatch is a wireless sub-metering system for up to 2000 water, gas, and/or electric meters.  Low cost battery powered transmitters connect to each meter and communicate through the system to the Data Concentrator  and Communicator (DCC).  Hook a phone line to the DCC and, using the Tapwatch software, you may dial in from a remote PC to retrieve your daily meter readings.