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Metering Solutions and services for multi-tenant properties

Metering equipment and accessories may be purchased from our online eStore

We carry all sizes of cold and hot water meters, from residential to large industrial meters.


The 5/8”x3/4” C700 is a typical residential meter.  Meters can be ordered with a digital pulser option or built in wireless transmitter for connecting to remote counters or sub-metering systems.

Single to three phase electric meters are available for purchase.  


Usually no changes are needed to your existing wiring. So typically this means no permit is required.


The most common residential electric sub-meter is the 120/208/240V, 200A, 3 wire Mini-meter.

All sizes of gas meters from meters that support residential loads of 200,000 BTU or less to larger meters with loads up to 56 million BTU.


The most common residential gas meter is the American Meter AC250.


Earthquake Seismic Shutoff Valves: Koso Pacific Seismic.


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