California Apartments Switching to a Fair Submeter Water System

The golden state is looking for ways to make its citizens take their water usage seriously

California has faced its fair share of droughts in the past. The state is constantly looking for ways to make its citizens take their water usage more seriously. California legislators have decided to implement a large change that they hope will help with their water conservation efforts. Beginning in 2018, all new apartment buildings that are constructed in the state will be required to have submeters installed at every individual apartment.

Advantages of Submetering

  • Water Conservation – Tenants receive detailed bills that show how much water they use each billing period rather than a split of the entire buildings water bill. This encourages each tenant to be aware of their water usage, which will directly impact the size of their water bill.
  • Landlord Savings – Without a submetering system installed on the building property owners and landlords typically have to split the bill between each tenant. This can make it difficult to determine the correct utility rate and can sometimes result in the property owner/ landlord being responsible for some of the costs. With a submetering system each unit can be issued their own utility bill making the tenants responsible for their utility usage rather than the owner/landlord.
  • Fair Pricing – Since every tenant will pay for only the water they use, no one will feel like they are being overcharged. This means happier tenants and fewer problems for the landlord.

Basic Rules of Submetering

All new apartments must install submeters for every unit, beginning in January 2018. Older apartments are not affected, but they are encouraged to consider switching over as well.

The landlord still receives a master bill, but instead of dividing this up amongst the tenants, every individual unit will also receive a bill for the water they personally used. This bill is paid directly to the landlord, who then is responsible for making a payment on the master bill.

If you are a landlord who does not have submetering set up in your multi-family dwelling, then be sure to get in touch with Submeter Solutions. We are here to give you all the details you need to know regarding installing a new and better submetering system at your complex.

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