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Our journey towards water conservation

With a mission to empower individuals and businesses to monitor and reduce their water consumption, we strive to create a sustainable future for generations to come.

How it all began

The first NoWire device

Flowing into 2001

Our journey began in 2001 when our founder, Jeff Lowry, was inspired to create the PulseFlow device for the submetering industry, born out of a mission to conserve gas, water, and promote sustainable living. As a licensed Professional Engineer in Electrical Engineering, Jeff brought a wealth of expertise in designing both hardware and software systems.

Launch of Submeter Solutions

Launching Submeter Systems in the early 2000s, we committed to merging our technical prowess with a passion for environmental stewardship. We didn't just aim to sell equipment; we sought to innovate, to guide customers in everything from selecting the right gas meter size to architecting cutting-edge wireless submetering systems for towering high rises.
Kelly and Jeff posing with NoWire product in front of Submeter Solutions store
Submeter Solutions Store front

A decade later

In 2009, as our vision evolved, so did our identity, becoming Submeter Solutions. The following year, the immensely experienced Kelly Koontz joined our mission, infusing his vast 25 years of expertise from the aerospace and PCB sectors.

Hard work and dedication

Our dedication to the environment took another leap in 2010 when we introduced monthly utility billing services. We proudly eschewed one-size-fits-all solutions, understanding that every property, like every drop of water, is unique. Instead, we offer tailored services, ensuring each account benefits from a system that truly fits its needs.
The results of hard work
Beautiful landscape with waterfall and river surrounded by pine trees

On a mission

Today, Submeter Solutions is more passionate than ever. With an ever-growing range of meters and remote reading systems sold across the US, we remain at the forefront of innovative design and software development for the submetering industry, always with an eye towards conserving our planet's most precious resources.

Our Leadership Team

Picture of President Kelly Koontz

Kelly Koontz

Picture of Operations Manager Elliot Hoeks

Elliot Hoeks

Operations Manager
Picture of Finance Manager Nicole Spengler

Nicole Spengler

Finance Manager
Picture of Sales Manager Trevor Day

Trevor Day

Sales Manager

Our Core Values

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Be a Team Player

We are humble, hungry and smart
Make it safe to tell the truth
Help each other
Share delight
Fill the gaps with trust

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Be Dependable

We do what we say we will do
Prioritize accuracy
Always be learning
Strive to do our best work, most often

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Take Ownership

Make it better
Communicate needs
Be a problem solver
Ask questions
Strive for customer happiness

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