Commitment to Sustainability: Understanding Sewer Deduct Meters

Understanding how the Seattle Sewer Deduct Program and meters can maximize your property ROI

Seattle, a city known for its forward-thinking urban planning and commitment to sustainability, has long been at the forefront of innovative solutions to manage its infrastructure effectively. Among the various technologies employed to ensure efficient resource management, one lesser-known but crucial tool is the Seattle Sewer Deduct Meter.

Main Use of Seattle Sewer Deduct Meters

A Sewer Deduct Meter is a specialized device installed in properties throughout Seattle to measure and deduct water that doesn't enter the city's sewer system. These meters play a vital role in accurately billing properties for their sewer usage while accounting for water that doesn't contribute to the sewer load, such as irrigation water, water used in industrial processes, or water used for cooling systems.

How Do They Work?

The functionality of Seattle Sewer Deduct Meters focuses on precise measurement and deduction. Water entering a property, flows through the main water meter, and the total consumption is recorded. This is accurate in most cases, however, in some cases not all of this water ends up in the city's sewer system. Here's where the Sewer Deduct Meter comes into play:

Measurement: The Sewer Deduct Meter monitors the flow of water that bypasses the sewer system. It records the usage of this water separately from the main water meter.

Deduction: The recorded usage from the Sewer Deduct Meter is subtracted from the total water consumption measured by the main meter. This deduction ensures that property owners are billed only for the water that enters the sewer system, promoting accuracy in billing.

Benefits of Deduct Meters

Accurate Billing: By taking into account water that doesn't contribute to the sewer load,  property owners are billed accurately for their sewer usage.

Encouraging Conservation: By accurately measuring water consumption, Sewer Deduct Meters incentivize conservation efforts among property owners.

Efficient Resource Management: Seattle's sewer system operates more efficiently as it is not disrupted by water that doesn't require treatment.

Environmental Sustainability: By reducing the volume of water in the sewer system, Sewer Deduct Meters are contributing to the city's overall environmental sustainability efforts.


Seattle Sewer Deduct Meters align with the city's commitment to efficient resource management and sustainability. By accurately measuring and deducting non-sewer water usage, these meters ensure accurate billing, encourage conservation, and promote the efficient operation of the city's sewer system.

Photo by Kseniia Ilinykh on Unsplash

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