How the NM4-I Ultrasonic NextMeter Transforms Water Metering

Transform water metering with precision, efficiency, and no-moving-parts technology

Ultrasonic Superiority

Ultrasonic meters, like the NM4-I, are revolutionizing water management. With no moving parts, they offer unparalleled accuracy, longevity, and efficiency. This technology ensures precise billing and effective network analysis, a necessity in modern urban infrastructure.

NM4-I NextMeter Indoor: A Class Apart

The NM4-I NextMeter Indoor stands out with its advanced solid-state measuring technology. Integrated into NextCentury's wireless platform, it's tailor-made for submetering. This meter excels in accuracy across all flow rates, is easy to install, and offers a long-lasting battery. It's versatile for both cold and hot water metering, making it a robust choice for diverse applications.

Advancing with Technology

The shift to ultrasonic meters like the NM4-I represents more than just technological advancement. It's about embracing a future where water management is more accurate, efficient, and sustainable. By adopting the NM4-I NextMeter Indoor, users can enjoy the benefits of modern metering technology while contributing to a more responsible water management system.

Ease of Installation: No Spacer Tubes Required

One of the remarkable benefits of the NM4-I NextMeter Indoor, as with other ultrasonic meters, is the elimination of the need for spacer tubes, which were a necessity in traditional mechanical meter setups. This not only simplifies the installation process but also reduces potential points of failure and maintenance requirements. By removing the need for these additional components, the NM4-I ensures a more streamlined, cost-effective, and reliable metering solution.

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