Portland's New Division Center

Since commissioning, Submeter Solutions began billing Division Center in Spring of 2018

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Project Goals

ROIC’s Division Center is an outdoor retail plaza anchored by two large grocery stores in Portland, Oregon.

Given the high electricity use across the center, Marks Adams Electric was called in to provide a billing solution so that tenants could be billed for their individual usage.

ROIC needed a 3rd party billing solution complete with electric meters and remote reading.

Scope of Project

Submeter Solutions was enlisted to help in Fall of 2017. We recommended Leviton Series 2000 electric meters for its advanced reading options, and chose to pair it with an Obvius Acquisuite Embedded Data Acquisition Server for remote reading.

We also added water meters at the requests of Mark Adams Electric and facilitated the on-site installation of all remote reading equipment, fully commissioning the system once complete.

Since commissioning, Submeter Solutions began billing Division Center in Spring of 2018.


  • Equipment Supplied July 2019
  • Installation and Commissioning Completed September 2019

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