Royalwood Mobile Home Park

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Project Goals

Royalwood Mobile Estates in Lynnwood, WA was built in the early 60’s and is an upscale community for 55 and older residents. The owners were going concerned about ever rising water and sewer costs and particularly leaking plumbing throughout the property. Installing a new water submetering system would allow the park management to recover the water and sewer fees from each resident based on actual usage. The metering system would also provide the maintenance staff at the property the data and visibility to find and fix leaks.

Scope of Project

  • 91 Master Meter Flexible Axis Meters (FAM) water meters with pulse output. Meters were foam insulated.
  • 91 Cereniti Wireless Transmitters with waterproofing immersion protection.
  • Cereniti Gateway with cellular connectivity.
  • Onsite consultation, installation, meter installation training, and commissioning services
  • Monthly meter reading and tenant billing services


  • Equipment supplied June 2013
  • Installation and commissioning complete July 2013


  • Immediate information feedback to find and repair leaks throughout the park. Water usage at the park dropped over 200 CCF per month within 2 months.
  • 33% total reduction in water usage in first year after system was operational.

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