Illinois Submetering

At Submeter Solutions, we are committed to delivering premier Submetering services throughout Illinois. Our expertise shines in cities like Chicago, Aurora, Rockford, Naperville, and Springfield, where we offer tailored solutions for water, electric, and gas Submetering to meet the diverse needs of these metropolitan areas.

Our Submeter Services in Illinois

At Submeter Solutions we offer a comprehensive submetering services across Illinois, including

Illinois Submetering Regulations

The Illinois Commerce Commission oversees all public utility matters - Public utility means and includes, every corporation, company, limited liability company, association, joint stock company or association, firm, partnership or individual, their lessees, trustees, or receivers appointed by any court whatsoever that owns, controls, operates or manages, within this State, directly or indirectly, for public use, any plant, equipment or property used or to be used for or in connection with, or owns or controls any franchise, license, permit or right to engage in: (1) the production, storage, transmission, sale, delivery or furnishing of heat, cold, power, electricity, water, or light.

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Providing Submeter Soltions across Illinois


  • Chicago
  • Aurora
  • Naperville
  • Joliet
  • Elgin

Central Illinois

  • Springfield
  • Champaign
  • Bloomington
  • Decatur
  • Normal

Northern Illinois

  • Rockford
  • Peoria
  • Rock Island
  • Moline
  • Galesburg

Southern Illinois

  • Carbondale
  • Marion
  • Belleville
  • Edwardsville
  • Harrisburg